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The raise of Internet has accelerated the diffusion of IT technologies across the population, with the help of smartphones and social networks. They have become the main use of digital technologies, together with the growth of e-commerce.

Big companies love your personal data

Big companies propose useful tools, free of financial charge: web search, social networks, online storage… The term of the deal is to concede the use of personal data and of technical data collected by cookies. This allows data brokers to build the profile any user of those softwares and services and resell data that are finally used to produce targeted commercial ads.

Widely spread computer or smartphone operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows, pursue the objective to collect informations about their users and the use that they make of their devices. The business model of the companies that release those operating systems relies on collecting data, whether the software is offered at no perceivable cost for the user or the user actually purchases a licence.

We offer you freedom

Digital Break Free sets itself the goal to propose tutorials to guide non technical people in changing their habits with digital things and with the management of their personal data.

Many Linux distributions offer an operating system that you can install free of charge on your computer; installing such an operating system is not something difficult to do and the reward for the effort is mastering the flow of personal data that escape from your computer equiped with another operating system.

Linux distributions for smartphones have recently started to arise; they are still targeting tech advanced users, but the time will soon come when this kind of smartphone will become available for consumers. Community driven projects, such as the PinePhone, are quickly achieving progress towards general public release.

Digital Break Free is here to help you on the way

Moving towards digital freedom requires from you the will, the conviction and the engagement that are going to sustain your love of independence and liberty.

You can start right now with your computer, using the base tutorial My first Linux laptop. Other tutorials will come on top of this first one to bring to you more and more ways to enjoy data privacy and digital security.

You really will love it.